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What does the next generation repository look like?

Presentation to the COAR meeting, Venice, 2017

COAR Next Generation Repositories Working Group

A very brief (7 minute!) presentation to the Repository Fringe 2016, giving an overview of the work of the work of the COAR Next Generation Repositories Working Group (

Static Site Generators: what they are and when they are useful

Presentation on the merits of static-website generators, especially compared to CMS systems such as Wordpress or Drupal.

RIOXX: a Modern Metadata Application Profile

Presentation on the development of the RIOXX metadata application profile, given to the Open Repositories conference in Dublin, June 2016

Implementing RIOXX

Presentation on RIOXX to the Scottish Digital Library Consortium

Rioxx 2 repository fringe

Overview of RIOXX 2.0 given to Repository Fringe event, Edinburgh, 2014-07-30

The Strategic Developer: a new role for Higher Education?

Presentation given at the Jisc Digital Festival, Birmingham, March 2014

Local, technical innovation in an outsourced world

Presentation given to ILRT/Bristol University on the effect of the increasing adoption of SaaS on local capacity for innovation

Working with Developers

Presentation given at IWMW13

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