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The value of local developers

Presentation given at the JISC Conference, 2011 on the value of local developers to the higher education sector

Technical standards & the RDTF Vision: some considerations

RDTF Open data advocacy workshop presentation

Aspects of the sustainability of software

A quick overview of aspects of the ’sustainability of software’ in the higher education sector

JISC CNI Meeting, Edinburgh 2010

Presentation on RepUK and supporting innovation given to the JISC CNI Meeting, Edinburgh, 02/07/2010


An overview of DOI for an HE audience

Towards an Agile approach to building application profiles

A presentation given to introduce a workshop at DC-2009 Paul Walk & Emma Tonkin

Repositories Architecture #83

Some principles for an architecture to support and exploit repositories in the UK

Re-usable metadata, re-usable content

A short presentation about re-usable content (and metadata) given to a JISC Digitisation Programme meeting)

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