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COPAC gets RESTful

Just a quick pointer to the really encouraging announcement from the COPAC development blog that individual COPAC records are now addressed with a persistent, and RESTful(ish) URL. The example given is: ...the work "China tide : the revealing story of the Hong Kong exodus to Canada" has a Copac Record Number of 72008715609 and can be linked to with the url The records are marked up as MODS XML - but this of secondary importance to me compared to the fact that the records are easily and reliably addressed. [continues...]

Paul Walk , October 1, 2008

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A minor response to Repositories thru the looking glass

In Repositories thru the looking glass over on the eFoundations blog, Andy Powell gives a summary of a keynote he gave to the Vala Conference last week. It's interesting stuff, and I will take the time to look at the presentation slides as well. I mostly agree (vehemently in some instances) with Andy's points, though I do find myself questioning some parts of this, so I'll quote some snippets and make a few comments here. [continues...]

Paul Walk , February 14, 2008

Identity: an inconvenient truth?

An interesting post by Mike Neuenschwander on the Burton Group Identity Blog. I'm not certain I agree entirely with the main thrust of Mike's argument, which he offers as an axiom: There are no identifiers, only attributes That is to say, things are identified by their existence as a collection of attributes in a given context. Some of Mike's claims, such as "most people have [...] several dozen nicknames" seem a little exaggerated. [continues...]

Paul Walk , May 1, 2007

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Open standards and software for bibliographies and cataloging

If there's one area where you would expect strong standards to emerge, this is it. Bibliographic data typically needs to be structured, searchable, shareable etc. Strangely, however, this domain seems to have lagged behind in terms of informational and technical standards. As Bruce D'Arcus and John J. Lee put it: For scholars and researchers, among the most essential metadata is bibliographic. Being able to reliably store, find, use and communicate bibliographic data is a basic need of academic research. [continues...]

Paul Walk , November 2, 2004

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